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My baby is 12 months old

Kameswari U

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Oct 13, 2015

My baby is 12 months old oct 21st is his first bday but he is unable to walk on his own... he walks takinf support of sofa or any other thing... he crawls veey fast.. but till now he is not able to stand on his own... plz let me know what can be done

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Kameswari U

| Oct 13, 2015

Thanks a lot dear he climbs sofa chairs and bed too but walking independently is not happening... as u said i will definitely do that... thanks a lot dear!!!

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 13, 2015

Hi kameswari! Congratulations on Karthikey's first birthday. I am sure like all parents u too r superexcited and want yr kid to be on his two's asap so that he could come running in yr lap. All kids are unique some start as early as 10 months while some take their own time. If he has started to stand with the support of sofa, I am sure soon he will stand independently as well. I would advise you to do his leg massage with oil that suits him well while he is standing taking support of something. That would improve his blood circulation as well make his bones strong. Also serve him nutritious food rich in calcium as well as protein such as paneer, tofu,egg, milk, cheese,curd, milk based puddings, nuts such as almonds, peanuts etc. You could keep some of his favorite toys at a height, which he would on his own try and reach. Also u could help him stand holding both his hands on a playmat or in the park ensuring even if he falls down,he will not be hurt. Once he is own his two's u could bring some toys which emit light and sound and could attract him or mobile toys which he could walk holding their string. Don't forget to record his first steps which would be the memories u would love to cherish forever. All the best Kameswari!

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