My baby who is one month old, shakes his whole body very often but qhen i hold my baby tightly it stops. M really worried for him. Is this normal? Please help

Ayesha Imran

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Feb 15, 2016

My baby is one month old and very often i see his body is shaking, when i hold him tighly , it stops, m really worried , is this normal?

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Amrin Jahan

| Feb 15, 2016

I guess you are referring to the sudden wriggle that babies do while sleeping.. In that case,nothing to worry at all.. its quite normal with new borns.. wrap the baby tight and put him/her to sleep.. they wont wriggle..

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shirin chithara

| Feb 15, 2016

Take a video when your baby shakes its body and show to your pediac. He/she is the best one to tell you about this.

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