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Zankhna Dhimmar

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Feb 27, 2016

My baby' poop. is too full of odour n quite thick and it is not occasional. Her poop is always full of too much odour. She ate roti, rice,dal, khichdi, yogurt, grapes,Apple,n other fruits. And I gave her cerelac sometime. And breastfeeding also. She drank water also. But she just don't drink milk. N when she was 5 month old. She looks healthy. But now I owed feel that my baby is not gaining weight. Dad by day she is looking thinner. I m sooo worried about her health. She is always busy in playing.... What should I do??? Now her weight is 7. 300

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Zankhna Dhimmar

| Feb 28, 2016

She is 9 months 6 days old

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Suvarna Walavalkar

| Feb 27, 2016

Hiiii... How old she is? Secondly it varies to babies to babies weight n abt ordour.... Make her drink a lot of water veggies soup... beetrout carot n pjmpkin juice.... it will make her hydrated n her poop will be normal n a bit of odourless... odour comes when there is a lot of gases in her stomach..... give het BAAL KADU ONCE A DAY. ATLEAST....

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 27, 2016

By the diet she is eating fine. Do increase water intake though you may give her coconut water, clear soup of veggies this will keep her hydrated.

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