My child id reading beautifully but cannot understand most of what he reads

Amanda Brown

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Oct 04, 2012

Hi ! All, My 6 year old son can read fluently on his own , with only litttle help needed in the bigger words and he can read for pages on end .... mostly once he is done , i ask him " did you understand what you just read?"  And there comes the blank look followed by a lot of giggles ... is it ok that he cannot understand what he is reading? He can also talk fluently in english so not knowing the meaning of the owrds might not be the problem. Should i be worried??

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Neetu Ralhan

| Oct 19, 2012

Hi Amanda.. now that my son is 11, I can confidently say that even if we feel they did not get what they just read, kids do absorb the minutest details, and recall them at the most unexpected moments. I agree with Payal that you could pitch in from time to time to explain what the text means, however its lovely that he does like to just hold a book on his own, in the later years it all just adds up to their knowledge bank, some quaint place that even mommies cant completely access :)

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| Oct 05, 2012

Lucky mom! A fluent reader at 6! Maybe he is just shy to explain what he is reading. However I believe you can stop him at intervals and coach him to understand. If he is reading pages, maybe he needs to break it into smaller pieces and try to understand one paragraph at a time. If you read with him he might be helped in this. Maybe you could ask him to read one or two paragraphs, depending on the meaning of the book, and once a point has been read, ask him if he has understood. If you find he has not, you could then point out words to explain what they mean and translate lines. That way he will be encouraged to ask you next time he reads and does not understand.

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