My child walk on toes


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Jun 03, 2015

My 15 months old child walks on toes most of the times especially when he is bare foot. He walks properly in slippers/sandals but in this hot weather he loves to walk bare foot(when he is at home) as he finds the floor cold. Is it alright to walk on toes? Is it possible that it could create some problem in future?

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Shally Jain Bhardwaj

| Jun 03, 2015

While in most cases it is common for kids to walk on their toes occasionally especially during the early learning phase, at certain times it can be a sign of underlying muscle weakness or a mild neurological issue. So it would be best to observe the child for a couple of months and consult an expert if the problem persists.

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| Jun 03, 2015

Hi Sneha although this is normal at this age, please encourage him to wear footwear whenever necessary and you can also show him how to walk normally and that how it can hurt toe walking, by personally demonstrating him. If the problem persists further , you can always see a child expert in your area.

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| Jun 03, 2015

My daughter was toe walking at 13 months. My foot doctor said this was common, and the best thing to help her grow out of this phase was to make her wear shoes often to discourage this. A month later, she is walking normally and gaining speed and skill. I will advice you to consult doctor so that your child can be on a safer side.

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