My daughter is 7 months old she refuse to drink milk

Sudha Suresh

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Oct 12, 2015

As I don't get breast milk i started to give formula feed from the second week of birth. Now I started giving her cow's milk for one month. But for last two weeks she is not taking milk both in day and night. I give her idly and rice porridge as semi solid. Wat shall I do to take milk for my daughter.

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| Oct 13, 2015

I think it's too early to give her cow. s milk. Better is to give formula till the age of one yr. If u are giving cow. s milk, u have to dilute it.. coz the proteins in cow. s milk is of different quality than of breast milk and is more difficult to digest.. it puts more load on the infant. s kidneys. If she seems like she is lactose intolerant, consult her pediatrician. he. ll recommend soy based milk substitute.

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Siliveri Namratha

| Oct 13, 2015

My baby is 6mths old am wondering what I should give her in food

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