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My son is oftne fall down


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Jan 08, 2015

HI My son is 8 years old now. He is going for tennis coaching every day. But he often fall down at least once in a day. I am worrying that he may also fall down in his school also. can you please guide me in his problem. Thanks

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| Jan 09, 2015

I agree with sojal

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| Jan 08, 2015

Hi Gangadhar, I agree with Sojal that you maintain a log of when he falls down. is it during practice only, when climbing stairs, when running, at school, any particular time of the day etc. this will eventually help you see a pattern,, if there is, which can then be talked to a doctor, or if random. Also, keep asking your son how has he been in school... not to make him worried but in smart ways to just find out if he did fall down. If you ask too forcefully, he might get scared.

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| Jan 08, 2015

Hi Gangadhar, if he is falling only during tennis practice, then don't worry. once he learns the game better, he will not. You can ask at school about this whether it happens frequently and ask him also gently. Also, keep a watchout for any injuries. This will give you a clearer pic of whether this frequent falling is a one-off thing or is repeatedly happening. in the latter case, it is better you maintain a journal of the episodes and then share it with your paediatrician.

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| Jan 08, 2015

Can u give me some more details?

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