My son is restless and doesn't listen


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Jul 15, 2014

 Hello All,   My son is 6 and he is very active child. But he doesn't listen to anybody. I had this problem at home earlier but the complaints have started coming from the teachers now. He is a restless child in class. He wants to go to toilet and for water every 5 mins. Sometimes he doesn't want to sit and keep roaming in the class. He is a reluctant writer. Almost everyday his CW is incomplete. I have spoken to him number of times, tried to understand with empathy but didn't work. For any other activity of his interest he can sit and spend whole day but the school part is getting worse by day. I would really appreciate if parents using this space can advice something. I really want to help my child. I understand it must be hard on his part also getting scolding of teachers everyday.   Thanks in advance !! Preetika.

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| Sep 08, 2014

i am facing the same problem pls give some suggestions

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Ankita A Talwar

| Jul 22, 2014

Hi Preetika, If according to you, he demonstrates this behaviour only in school and work related to school, then you need to have a conversation with his teacher/principal and also a school counsellor. Share your problem with them and ask them to help. Sometimes children get too burdened with school or feel in awe of teachers and this creates restlessness. Also ask him specific questions around his class, batchmates, teachers, studies, to figure out if something is bothering him. hope this helps.

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| Jul 19, 2014

Travelling excatly in d same boat. Urgently seeking suggestions to deal with the situation.

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| Jul 15, 2014

My son is restless and doesn't listen - See more at: http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/my-son-is-restless-and-doesnt-listen/1282

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