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My son will complete 4 months in next 10 days but he is still not able to hold his head straight. What is the average age when boys are able to get their neck and spin stable and strong? Thank you.

Naznin Bhoja

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Oct 12, 2015

Age for stable head and spin.

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Ishani s

| Oct 16, 2015

Hello Naznin, every child is different so don't compare yours to others. Your baby will do just fine. Just ensure your baby's getting enough Vit D (our paed had advised a Vit D supplement) as it strengthens the bones.

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Ramya Sundaram

| Oct 13, 2015

If the baby is able to hold the neck and turnover before six months then there is nothing to worry. You can in the meanwhile give him tummy time which can help strengthen neck muscles. Google with tummy time and see

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Reshma bhatija

| Oct 13, 2015

My son is 4 months old now.... I sometimes find difficult in breastfeed him due to back pain... moreover he hardly sleeps in day and night also he wakes up in every 2 hrs or sometime in hr so its difficult for me... wat to do?

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Akanksha Theodore

| Oct 12, 2015

Don't worry much, I suggest go and visit to his doctor.

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| Oct 12, 2015

My son would also complete his 4 months in coming 18 days but he holds his head strongly many times as well as spins also but sometime he don't so children grow differently so relax let him take his own time...

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