Need suggestion for cloth diapering

Sravani Thatavarthy

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Feb 08, 2016

Hi everyone...... Im a expecting mother.. I want use cloth diapers for my baby..... Anybody please suggest me about cloth diapers.......

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Pallavi Utagi

| Mar 16, 2016

Hi Sravani, there are very sophisticated Cloth Diapers now available in market. They are called Advanced Cloth Diapers. These provide all the benefits of disposable diapers (dry-feel, leak-proofing, and long hours absorbency) in the goodness of cloth. They are also very economical and baby-friendly besides being earth-friendly too. You can buy them on Amazon. There are new born sizes too in them. Please ask if you need any more information on Cloth Diapering :)

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 09, 2016

I used hand stitched cotton diaper till my baby was 3 months old. its safe for baby skin. never wipe baby's private part with dry cloth. use baby wipes or wet cloth. say no no to powder, it mixes with pee n then accumulates there n causes rahes.

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Haritima Pandey

| Feb 09, 2016

Hi... It's good to use cloth diaper.. U can buy from any baby store or online also.. And tailor can also stich diapers...

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Richa Priyadarshini

| Feb 08, 2016

you can use cloth diapers of meemee brand. it's a soft cotton cloth good in size .

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