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Nov 30, 2015

Hi.... I have 3 month old boy... he is 1. 5 month premature... I want to know how I care him in winter season and I use Figaro , so I continue Figaro in winter or any other oil can be use for malish..... And as he is 1. 5 month premature ... So what is the real age of him - 3 months or 1. 5 months ???

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Shikha Batra

| Nov 30, 2015

Hi Mansi! Congratulations on the arrival of yr Lil bundle of joy. Premature babies needs extra care especially during winters. Make sure to cover him well with extra caution taken while taking him outdoors. YOU can dress him in multiple layers but ensure not to overdo it .u can do massage with light strokes with figario or oil which suits him best but important thing is to cover him well. As child is too small and his immunity to fight infection is not developed yet so u need to be extra cautious and give him yr feed as long as possible. Mansi his age can be calculated from the day he was born. I am sure with extra care and caution he would soon come around. Take good care of yourself and yr baby. Love to Lil Darsh!

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