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Not drinking milk


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Jan 09, 2014

Hi parents,   My son is 5 years. He does not want to drink milk at all. Whenever i give him milk and i am not around he throws it. I am really worried. Please suggest.

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Meenambigai Rajesh

| Jan 11, 2014

Hi Ankita, u can try different flavours like ragi malt, badam mix, chocolate flavour drink or mango complan. First u can try in small sachet and never force. Many kids like cold milk and chocos, milkshakes and rosemilk. So find out which is ur son's favourite and give him whenever he likes. Everyday if u wish that he must drink 2 glasses of milk then it is going to be a big mental block and things will never happen. It happened in my case. I gave up totally and now I can see a change. My daughter is taking milk everyday( not that strict 2 glasses) after I stopped forcing her. I am also satisfied that something is better than nothing.

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| Jan 10, 2014

Dear Ankita, I have a 2 year old who hates milk too. So here is what I do- I offer him milk on alternate days or after 2 days. I have stocked up the fridge with yogurt, paneer, cheese and other dairy products. He eats yogurt without any hassle. I also add butter in his food. You could try giving him other dairy products so that he doesnt not miss out on the essential nutrients present in milk. I was told by the nutritionist here in Parentune, that egg is an excellent source of calcium and can provide the missing calcium along with other nutrients if the child does not drink enough milk. So please do not force him and try the other products. Hope this helps.

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Anandana N

| Jan 09, 2014

Hi Ankita. How about making the milk look great and interesting. Try giving him a smoothie. Do not tell him its milk, tell him its a smoothie. give it to him in a colourful glass with some chocolate sauce smile on it. You would have to do such things for atleast a week and not give up. Let me know if it doesnt work.

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