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Not eating fruits


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Aug 31, 2015

My 5 year old daughter is not eating fruits. She has not tasted a single fruit. She couldn't even bear the smell of fruits.

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Shweta Kant

| Sep 07, 2015

Rajeshwari, aim facing the same issue. My 4. 5 year old son. Does not even touch fruits let alone eating it. Did ankita'ssuggestion helped you? If u r trying something else plz do share it with me as well.

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| Sep 01, 2015

Thank you for your suggestions. Will try.

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Ankita A Talwar

| Sep 01, 2015

Rajeswari, change the way you serve fruit to her. Stew it, puree it (apples, pears)and then give it to her like a pudding; mix up colourful fruits with cute fruit picks and make it a play... lets see who finds and eat the red fruit first. Also, one thing that always works with children is: you and your husband start eating lots of fruits daily. Parents are child's role models. If the child sees you munching on an apple, chances of him wanting to try it are higher. To expect the child to eat something, which his parents don't is not going to work. Make fruit a part of the meals everyday... post lunch, post dinner, evening snack... include fruit in the family menu as far as possible. hope this helps

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