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Nov 21, 2015

My lil baby boy didn't pass stool for the past two days , he is two months old now. He was passing regularly for birth but in recent two days he doesn't drink my milk properly and also he didn't pass stool. Pls sugges some remedy.

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Neha Jain

| Nov 22, 2015

Consult a doctor if you're baby isn't feeding properly. If the concern I'd only poop, it's rightly suggested not to worry, it may begin as a routine. The child may poop anything between 0-10 days till he is on breast milk.

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Shreya Lalwani

| Nov 21, 2015

Hi.. my son is about to turn two months and he went through the same thing. Don't worry! If ur baby is exclusively breastfed then he can go up to 7 days without poop. It's normal. I just massaged his tummy in clockwise direction and did some cycling by holding his legs. Also i give regular tummy time. For a few minutes at a time you must give tummy time to your baby. On day 5 he had a big poop.

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