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Chebolu Ashwini

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Jan 31, 2016

Hello mommies.. My baby is 5months 10days old.. My pead suggested to start cerelac but she is not taking cerelac as she feels like vomiting.. From 3days onwards she is doing the same thing.. Please suggest me.

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raksha iyer

| Apr 22, 2016

My baby too doesn't like cerelac at all... she loves all home made stuff... and salty foods over sweet foods... try something like potato mashed with ghee and pinch of salt... rice potato ghee salt... or daal potato daal rice ghee... combi... she will love it foe sure

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Urmita Sethi

| Feb 01, 2016

Try home made ones. ... Like dudh sooji

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Madhavi M

| Jan 31, 2016

Maybe she doesn't like the taste. I hope she doesn't has any food allergies after feeding cerelac. Don't feed immediately wait for 1 more week, try after a week. Start feed only single grain cerelac instead of multi grain. I heard that, few kids doesn't like cerelac. So, nothing to worry. Start feed vegetables first and then fruits. But, still she is in 5 months old so better to feed either mother milk or formula milk till 6 months. Don't force her to finish the food completely give a chance to her. At the end, check with her Doctor.

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Payal Shah

| Jan 31, 2016

Try moong dal ka pani.. apple juice first

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