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Over flow of milk

Saranya Arun

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Nov 24, 2015

Hi i have 1month old boy, I can't feed him properly because of over flow in my brest what can I do for that...

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saranya arun

| Nov 25, 2015

Thank you all for your suggestions... I will do the same...

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Priya B s

| Nov 24, 2015

1. Express a little then breast feed baby as usual so that baby gets the hind milk too 2. Hold him so that its against the gravity.. For eg like making him lie on top of u.. 3. Try block feeding.. Which means only feed from one breast for one session then next breast for next session.. If flow is too much u can even try feeding from one side for 2 times then other for next 2 times. 4. Do above and be patient and wait it out.. Usually supply issues sort out by 6-8 weeks and u will produce the amount required by your baby.. 5. Don't keep pumping in between feeds to reduce flow or make it easier .. It will only increase supply 6. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the areola to stem the fast flow of milk

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| Nov 24, 2015

Express milk... you can use pump for that.. later on you can feed him with spoon.

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Megha Chawla

| Nov 24, 2015

Express milk and store, its very useful in special breastfeeding milk bags and keep them.

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Payal Shah

| Nov 24, 2015

Express breastmilk n try gv with spoon.. or feedee... i did same..

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