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Jan 04, 2014

Hi parents, my son is 9 year old. I am worried that he is overweight. His weight is 29 kgs at present. He loves eating chips, Maggie and junk food. How do I change his habit and make him eat healthy and homemade food? Please suggest.  

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Dr Aanchal Maheshwari

| Jan 06, 2014

very right said by Shikha,try to include aamla,cabbage,garlic,daalchini in your kid food. this will burn exra fat. visit- www. rediscoverayurveda. com also like www. facebook. com/draanchalbams for more health tips

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Meenambigai Rajesh

| Jan 05, 2014

Hi Shweta, Shikha has explained beautifully. U can also explain the ill effects of junk food. I showed the wax floating in maggi noodles and asked my kids to take it once in a week or once in a month. Also in school junk food is not allowed. So it helped . Hope this helps.

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Shikha Batra

| Jan 05, 2014

Hi dear SHweta! Ur concerns are justified. Though ur child is not too much on the higher side as far as weight for an average wt for a 9 year old boy, I would still suggest he should not indulge in binging. All these products u have mentioned are made of refined flour and have trans fat which could be dangerous in the longer run as far as risks relating to obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc. are concerned. A 9 year old child needs variety and flavours as they get easily bored with regular dal roti sabji etc. They tend to believe that the urge to have spicy, tangy, different, yummy food can not be quenched with home made food so they look for other options. I wud suggest please look for recipes on net, cookery books n with ur own innovations u cud make food interesting, healthy, tasty for ur boy. For example U cud make pasta or pizza at home but add finely chopped vegetables, panner cubes, tofu, home made sauce with a tangy, spicy flavours, add lots of colour by using different colour ingredients etc. u cud try making dokhla, khandavi with filling of coconut, grated paneer etc. so try involving ur son in preparing all these dishes. This will raise his curiosity, n he will look forward to have home made food.

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Parentune Support

| Jan 04, 2014

Hi Shweta! This may be of help. http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/10-tips-to-prevent-obesity-amongst-children/361

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