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Neha Netragaonkar

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Apr 23, 2013

My son 2. 5 yrs old had an infection n swelling at the tip of his penis and he used to bitterly cry while urinating. He used to be on night diapers til this time. His pediatrition gave him combiflam to ease the pain n antibiotic Augmentin DDS. He also has a tight foreskin. The doctor also said circumcision should be done so this problem wont repeat. The sweeling is not there now but he still has a little pain while peeing. Nw he dosent wear diaper and i clean the area with warm water everytime he urinates. Has anyone else faced such kind of a problem? Pls let me kno wether circumcision is really needed in this case as my child is super active i fear he may not keep the circumcision dressing in place.

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| Apr 23, 2013

Hello Neha, I can understand your anxiety regarding the dressing in place... But if the procedure need to be done , its better to get it done at right time. Consult with your doctor if the procedure can be done after 1-2 years, at least he will understand the problem at that time and you can keep him busy with books, some games and TV...

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Neetu Ralhan

| Apr 23, 2013

Hi Neha. Your doctor may be right. I have a male child and here's what I know of this. If the foreskin does not move back easily, the child may face problem once they grow up and circumcision may be required then. For my child, doc said circumcision is not needed. If the skin moves back freely you don't need it. But if it doesn't , then it's a problem, now or later. So I suggest, seek a final opinion and go for it. I know of one case where the procedure had to be done in 20,s post marriage, since the right advice was not sought and given in childhood. All you need to figure out us if you can wait till the child is a bit older.

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