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Kalaivani Venkatesan

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Mar 25, 2013

i plan to gor for work next month onwards.. i need to left my 7months old baby in day care.. i need usefull tips from workin parents....

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| Mar 27, 2013

Hi Kalaivani. In addition to what the Administrator has suggested, may I provide you with a link of a Parent Talk on the same lines. You may get a few more suggestions from the following link: http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/what-preparations-should-i-do-to-make-my-babies-comfortable-in-mothers-absence/400 Please copy and paste it on your browser bar. Take care :)

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Parentune Support

| Mar 27, 2013

Hi Kalaivani! First things first. 1. Check if their's any alternative to have your parents or in-laws around at home when you have gone to work. 2. Look for a daycare close to your office or close to one of your family's/friend's work place or residence. Ideally, it should be not more than 10 minutes away 3. Talk to some fellow parents to know about the day care before finalizing on one 4. Tak extra precaution on food/liquid food served at Daycare-Ideally prepare it yourself and ask them to follow a schedule 5. Do meet the staff and check for background/experience/approach- ideally a place which also runs a mother-toddler program as then the quality of staff may be perhaps better 6. Prefer a place with "close circuit" cameras, so that there is an added watch/security 7. Have a back-up of a friend/family member for any times of emergency, when that person may pick your child just in case if you are running late/stuck somewhere 8. Make sure to list out allergies if any. You may want to interact with some fellow parents on parentune from your city to take feedback on various options available.

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