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Shainy Paul

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Jan 29, 2016

Hi my son is 2year old. I have put him in play school. But he keeps on crying in playschool all the time. It's been 2 weels. I am confused. Whether I should continue sending him to play school. I don't want him to struggle.

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shainy paul

| Jan 31, 2016

Thanke you everyone for ur comments. I have decided to send him to playschool . I hope he vll get use to it.

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Prasanna devi world

| Jan 31, 2016

My child going to playschool from one and half yrs. Initialy she cried like ur son. Atleast 1month same status. Later she understood mom wil come around 5pm only. So she adjusted with her friends and daycare aunties. For first month send her food and snacks she likes most. Then send healthy veg and fruits. Now she is not staying at home even when i m on leav. she accustomed to play with friends there. leave any changes to go atleast 30to40days. Then decide. Let him cry few days and drink water meanwhile crying. Aftr entering daycare,the teachr should divert him to remove shoes himself and take smal bag himself. Dont worry he l get adjusted soon and happily say u bye.

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Gandhali Godekar

| Jan 31, 2016

Hi.. my son is also 2 years old and he also joined pre school from January which is 3 days in a week.. He also cried and didnt let me go from his sight. i sat there with him for 4 days. Than his teacher suggested me to let him cry for sometime to see how it goes. I sat outside the class,she said that he will slowly understand that i will cm afterwords to take him. than he cried for 1 hour, got tired and remained quite for another 1 hour. He started playing with his teacher. Also teacher holded him and was nice to him.. it was not easy for him to hear him crying for 1 hour but somehow i managed myself. but now he cries for only 10 min when i leave from there.. Nursery is good for kids to learn many things which we cant teach at home.. It also helps them to become confident with people.. i suggest to tell his teachers to give him to play his favourite game or toy so that he will start liking it. good luck and see how it goes..

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| Jan 30, 2016

You can talk to him and wait for few days

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