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Nov 21, 2012

my son is 15 months old, i m facing problem in potty training to him as he knows he need to go to toilet for potty or pee  that time he go in some corner of house where no one can see him, if i take him to toilet he cries and don't sit there. any solution?

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| Oct 06, 2015

My daughter is 21 months old. I m trying to train her using a portable potty. But she simply doesn't inform when she's about to pee or poo. She just does it wherever she is standing or sitting. At times. She doesn't even inform after doing it. Everytime she wakes up from sleep or nap, i make her sit on the potty with a book or toy n she pees in it. But she never pees in it on her own. What to do?

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| Nov 29, 2012

thanks Anurima and Neena, definately i will try this trick

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| Nov 25, 2012

Hi Bharti, great tips from Anurima here. Would just like to add, we get those toilet seats for toddlers that fit over the actual toilet seat. Buying one which is colorful or probably has your child's favorite cartoon printed all over could do the trick... it did work for me.. !

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| Nov 21, 2012

Hi Bharti. Toilet training is one of the scariest things to do for a child at that age. Please make sure he is ready to be toilet trained- has dry diapers throughout the night, shows interest in the bathroom, gets uncomfortable with a wet diaper or nappy.. My daughter was trained at 2 years. I can share a few things I did when training her. If your son is walking, you could start using pull up diapers so that he can learn how to pull it down like pants when he has to go to the toilet. You could also have a portable toilet, which you can keep in one corner of the house. He can start off by using that. Once he gets comfortable, you can then gradually move that into the bathroom/toilet. This worked with my daughter. My friend who has a son told me of a trick she tried to make him pee in the toilet- She threw a piece of cornflakes into the toilet and asked him to pee on it as if trying to 'hit the target'. He seemed to enjoy it and looked forward to going to the toilet to pee. You could try this too :) I would suggest making going to the toilet a fun experience and not something he is forced to do. You could also praise and reward him each time he used the toilet, thereby encouraging him further. Good luck :)

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