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Ayushi Surana

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Oct 05, 2015

Hiii.. I will be sending my child to a preschool in 2-3 months. But am very confused so as to whether I should go for a school with a good faculty n facilities though far away or a school with an average reputation but nearby?? Also suggest some good preschools for my child.. I stay in laketown, kolkata. Thanks!

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 06, 2015

Hi Ayushi Sarana! I appreciate yr concerns and would advise you visit both the preschools and spend some time there. Try and understand their curriculum and educational philosophy. Take feedback about these schools from parents whose kids are already in these preschools. It should be wholly and solely yr decision to which preschool u want to send your tot to after carefully weighing and analysing which one best-fits following parameters:a). Individualized attention to each and every child b). Developmentally appropriate curriculum c). Nurturing environment d). teacher-child ratio should not be high e). activities done should be exciting and children seem happy and not bored. f). handling skills and understanding about children of teachers and other staff members (this info can be collected from feedback of parents). g). disciplining policies h). Illness policies I). Is the space child friendly and safe. j). Interaction with parents is on a regular basis with weekly/biweekly feedbacks about their kids. k). distance from home should not be too much .l). transportation facilities .m) is affordable. Last but not the least Ayushi when you picture Advay there he should seem to be happy and safe. Hope this helps!

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