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Precautions for the changing weather

Ayushi Narula

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Sep 30, 2013

Hi parents, please suggest some precautions that we need to take in this changing weather, my son is 6 and he catches cold and cough very easily. Please help.

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| Sep 30, 2013

Dear Ayushi. Deepti & Shikha have already made some very useful suggestions. Change of season is the peak time for children to fall sick. I have started to dress my children in cotton full sleeves clothes and socks. I usually dress them up in layers, so if it gets warm, I remove one layer (a light jacket or sweater) to make them comfortable. Also please make sure to wash your child's hands frequently with soap and warm water especially on returning home from the outdoors (school, play or even visiting someone). Hope the children stay healthy through the winter :)

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 30, 2013

Hi dear Ayushi! It is wise to be prepared beforehand for any season change espceially for kids. as Deepti has suggested u cud dress up the child in full sleeves to avoid mosquito bite , also u cud put odomos to prevent child from the same in open body parts say behind the ears etc. u cud wash hands frequently, use sanitiser , as far as possible to prevent from Hand, Mouth , and foot disease which is widespread these days. U cud give soaked almonds, raisins which help in raising immunity levels. Avoid roadside food they are the carriers for germs, junk food, etc. ask the child to be with slippers/shoes as would prevent the child from sudden change in temperature or insect bite,etc. give plenty of water, fluids, protein rich diet, fat rich diet. Etc. avoid use of air conditioner as far as possible . N if it is unavoidable cover the children with sheets. If they go out u can carry their water bottles along to avoid cold water. As far as possible avoid cold food like ice creams etc. Hope this helps!

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Deepti Singh

| Sep 30, 2013

Hi start dressing him in full sleeves.... and i taking suggestion from a fellow mother had started homeopathy Schwabe has immunity meds which can be started now. It is really good. and they have products for cold and cough which are very effective. you can check their kindi range and buy online too. Schwabe india.

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