Problems with eating

Preeti Sharma

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Oct 11, 2015

Hii... my son is 11 months... off late he avoids all his foods even milk... don't know how to handle.. according to his paediatric tr is no problem with him.. It's bothering me a lot

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Akanksha Theodore

| Oct 12, 2015

Relax a bit, see if he is doing breast feeding, if he is doing breast feeding no need to worry. If he is avoiding breastfeeding, then you can try different flavored baby supplements.

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| Oct 12, 2015

hey time to experiment n introduce him with new food items. try marie biscuits soaked in milk, then chapati soaked n blended with milk n jaggery, Also u cn try different fruit juices, milkshakes n veg soups.

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| Oct 12, 2015

Hi Preeti, your paediatrician is right. It happens with all children, around the age of 11 months to 14-15 months, there is a slow growth phase in children when their body needs lesser food as compared to the phase before. in every child's development, there are these slow growth ans growth spurt phases. it will pass. from your side, you keep trying to feed him but dont force feed, let him have as much he wants and whenever he wants.

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