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Jan 09, 2016

My 4 month baby pukes daily after feeding or in between, how to control it

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Haritima Pandey

| Jan 10, 2016

My Baby is 3 mnths old, she also puke. First time doc said it's nrml every baby does. BT later she started after every feed thn doc gave domstal syrup. I gave her only for 2days nw she is fine. Bcz if babies vomit more after every feed thn thy loose weight nd it's nt good fr health. So if ur baby puking more thn consult to ur pediatrician once.

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Radha K

| Jan 09, 2016

it is natural . they take food how much they can,I have 3 months old baby and even she does the same, nothing to worry

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harsha menon

| Jan 09, 2016

My baby is 3 months and 15 days old... she has been having throwing up/puking problems right since the first month till date. Sonography tests are all normal but d throwin up just continues.. she is formula fed. Any suggestions plzz??

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