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Chandni Chheda

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Dec 07, 2015

My daughter is almost 5 months old. Can I start veg clear soup or crushed Apple pulp , once she is about 5 n a half months old ?? If not then what else can I feed her ?

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| Dec 08, 2015

See it is preferable to start aftet 6months but if baby is doin ok then u can start at 5n half. It all depends on baby's mother's wish according to me. I have started weaning to my lo at age of his 6mnths compltn. I have started wid rice water withoit salt for 1wk then nxt week daal water and on 3rd week mixture of dem I. e. khichdi water . Note all dis widout salt. Babies dont need salt until age of 1yr as their kidney are not properly functioning so best to avoid salt in diet. Though v adult dont like food widout salt bt my baby eat it happily . So m double happy as 4 his nutrition plus health wise. So here was my own experience. Hope u vl get idea what u can do.

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