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Quick things to do in case of heat stroke before the help arrives


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Jun 12, 2012

Quick Recap of the symptoms : Dizziness, Vomiting, Nausea, Fatigue, Weakness, Muscle Cramps and headache. When one is suffering from a heat stroke or sees the symptoms on someone else; here are some of the quick tips to do at home before the medical help arrives 1. Remove the victim's clothes while waiting for emergency medical assistance to arrive. Spray water to cool him down. Stay with the victim. Put ice packs under his armpits and groins.   2. If you are outside, take the victim to a cool and shaded area. If there is a pool nearby, bring him to a shallow part of the pool. 3. If you have access to a thermometer, monitor the victim's body temperature. Continue to provide cooling his temperature drops to 101 to 102 degrees F. 4. Give him cool liquids such as cold water. Sport drinks are ok, too. Do not give him caffeine or any other caffeinated drink. Keep a container and damp cloth near in case he vomits. 5. If the person is unconscious, check his airway for breathing and listen for his heartbeat. Do CPR if he stops breathing. Have his mouth opened so air can enter his body. Roll him onto his left side. This helps prevent vomiting and allow fluids to drain from his mouth.  

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| Jun 12, 2012

super like and a big thank you for sharing this, feel much reassured right now... :)

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