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Refusing bottle feed

Shruti Saharan

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Feb 28, 2016

My LO has been BF from birth but now when she is 4 months I am trying to give her bottle with little formula milk which is not taking by any means.

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rakhee agarwal

| Mar 01, 2016

Try giving ur child homemade glucose water I. e sugar nd salt water with help of bottle.. I tried fr my child it really worked . later try formula milk.. nd now my child is taking formula milk wid bottle.

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neha chandna

| Feb 28, 2016

Same here.. m tryng since 15 days bt my daughter is refusing d bottle.

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Rakia Firdous

| Feb 28, 2016

I've tried different formula milk for my baby but he refused to take...

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| Feb 28, 2016

Im facing the same problem for my baby ...

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Gss Himabindu

| Feb 28, 2016

Initially babies do resist to drink from bottle.... but you should keep trying... they need some time to analyse the bottle nipple and how to chew it to get milk out... try putting some milk on the nipple and put it in babies mouth... if they resist remove and try after sometime.... try for three times a day not more than that. You can also run your bottle nipple under warm water so that baby may feel the warmth as if its real one. Try feeding baby while he is half asleep and hungry... in market today we find different kinds of nipples with different textures... try to find out which one wil suit ur baby but be cautious not to immediately put different nipplesin babies mouth.... it will leave him confused and may never accept a bottle.

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| Feb 28, 2016

Even my 4 mths old won't take d BF neither formula nor expressed breastmilk plzz guide if there is any way to make her drink BF

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