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right age to start pre school


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Mar 19, 2013

hi, my son i s 1. 2 yrs.... could u please suggest me the right time when i can enroll him in a pre- school??? and also if u could suggest me with good pre-schools in pimpri chinchwad, pune area.   i did ask in a few places  and i  was told i could enroll when my son is 1. 5 yrs old.   shraddha

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| Mar 22, 2013

Dear Shraddha, as everyone has suggested, it would be a great idea to wain until your little one is 1. 5 years old.. take care and do share with us when it happens.

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| Mar 19, 2013

Research shows that more than 90% of our brain development happens in our first 5 years. This perhaps is the best age to learn and grasp. Apart from others, the following helps to check-mark before your start sending your child to a preschool. a. Is he already toilet trained or would need help- you may want to check with preschool on their ready-ness for the same b. Is he able to speak/ask/tell when he needs something c. How far is the preschool from your home- closer the better. If these are in place then you sure can start looking at various preschools. A good age to start sending your child to a preschool for a playgroup is around 18 months.

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| Mar 19, 2013

Hi Shraddha, I agree with Neetu here. Your son is still little to go to a preschool. The average age I know is 18 months when the little ones like to socialize. Surprisingly they learn a lot even at that age. So you could wait until your child is 18- 24 months.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Mar 19, 2013

Hi Shraddha, I started sending my child to playschool when he turned 2. 5 years but that was many years back. These days, kids start going pretty early. I have family members who started sending their first born when she was all of 1 years 3 months, to have her spend time with children her age and to channelize her energies. It helped in establishing a routine and made the child happy and social. At the same time, I know a mum who does not want to send her child off to playschool till he turns 2. If you feel the environment of a playschool will be good for your child and also make him happy, I would suggest go for it but wait until he is 1. 5 years at least.. take care!

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