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Feb 03, 2014

Hi all,    How we role model our children in present time when they are always busy on gadgets and other stuff and spending very less time with parents. Any suggestions?

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| Feb 04, 2014

Hello Prince. Take time out from the gadgets, take your child out! A 5 year old will enjoy playing outdoors any day. Discuss options with your child on what he/she wants to do, plan a fun day staying away from home with your child; explain to your child that even gadgets need a holiday ;) I dont think it is very difficult to get them out of the chair and into another activity. You may also play simple games such as X and zeros, Ludo, snakes and ladders or just read together. But please keep in mind that your child understand why they should keep the gadget away instead of taking it away without any reason, which will only upset them. Hope this helps.

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Shikha Batra

| Feb 03, 2014

Five: the number of attractive options available, latest apps, games, networking sites, easy to listen to latest movie songs. So they feel they're the rulers and can govern the Gadgets by their one finger touch. it further gives them the feeling of autonomy. So when this boon introduced to them by us only becomes bane we do not get to know. By the time we realize these gadgets are coming in d way of our day to day living and causing disruptions in relationships, developing bonding with parents, turning out to be the biggest cause of sibling rivalry and becomes the bone of contention, it gets too late and difficult to manage too. So unknowingly unfortunately we parents do play as tole models for our kids.

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Shikha Batra

| Feb 03, 2014

Hi dear Father! I can understand what u r talking about. But it is generally said that 'children are the flip side of the same coin'. Now to the role model theory : we parents act as role models in two ways :our children share the same genes and two they share the same environment with us. So heredity and environmental are two factors that play a major role in determining how our children turn out to be when grown up. Now coming to the query: there could be many reasons for the child to beahave so: One: they see us being occupied with the same gadgets most of the time, so they do not want to lag behind. Two: adults around are not able to invest quality time in their kids so children find their way out by keeping themselves busy with these attractive options. Three: these gadgets are easily available at home and kept unattended so child whenever wants can use them as per their convenience. Four: to use gadgets is a very in thing,and all children use these and then discuss about the same .So one does not want to seem like a fool and so they update their knowledge by laying hands on these.

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Parentune Support

| Feb 03, 2014

Hi Prince, Thanks for sharing. You may have a look at the below link to a relevant video that you may find useful: http://parentune.com/video/details/?v_id=5

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