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satyamev Jayate... the talk show


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Jun 11, 2012

Hey fellow parents , i need to have your views on the following - "Should i let my almost 6 yrs old daughter watch the amir khan show satyamev jayate ". On one hand the show is very informative and can help her understand the concept of right and wrong but i think my daughter is still a bit young to fully grasp the idea behind the show . She also cannot comprehend why everyone cries ( as she puts it ) all the time... so what should i do ?? 

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| Jun 12, 2012

thanks guys , i think praveen has come up with the solutions that makes sense....

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| Jun 11, 2012

i so much agree with Praveen. also, i guess looking at the adult, highly inflamable and emotional content, i would suggest not to have your child view it at such a young age

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Praveen Premkumar

| Jun 11, 2012

i think, maybe you should watch it the first time, and then if there are goodness to be taken out, sit with her and watch the repeat - and explain through the show...

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