Semi solid food introduction

Moutusi Chakrabarti

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Oct 01, 2015

My son is 4. 5 months old, weighing 8. 5 kgs and currently only on breastfeed. His birthweight was 2. 9kgs. Since his growth rate is higher so he is demanding more food but totally rejecting formula. What semi solids can I start now which will keep him full for a longer time? Also he totally rejects bottle so feeding him juices n dal water is very difficult with a spoon. Please suggest... thanks

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prachi oltikar

| Oct 02, 2015

As per WHO a baby should be exclusively fed with breastmilk until he/she is 6 months old. So please keep feeding ur baby on demand rather than scheduling feeds by clock. As they grow they become efficient in suckling more milk in lesser time so u dont have to worry much abt long feedings. Pls dont introduce solids so soon

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| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Moutushi. Babies go through growth spurts and may need to eat more. Nurse him more and try cooked and mashed apples or cooked and mashed sweet potatoes as solids. I am afraid there is not much you can give until he turns 6 months old. You may check with an expert as suggested by Admin :)

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Parentune Support

| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Moutusi, You may ask your query to the expert in the nutrition corner. Here is the link - http://www.parentune.com/expert-corner/nutrition

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