Should kids be given pocket money

Aditi Raijada

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Sep 01, 2015

My son is 5 plus.. I have started giving him pocket money from today itself. .

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darshna atul dhole

| Sep 05, 2015

It is very Good Idea. We also doing same thing with our Kid , It is Fun as well as learning also. Fun while putting coin in Piggy bank & do the counting, More or less of coins which is learning & again.

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Aditi Raijada

| Sep 02, 2015

Thnx Aarti.. grt idea.. as I hav started yesterday only I was wondering am I doing right or not.. I have fixed Tuesday for poket money.. thnx dear

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| Sep 01, 2015

We asked our son that you can buy your favorite car or anyother game which he asked us to buy for him. You need to save in piggy bank and buy yourself. Everyday we give him some coins and put in piggy bank and count and write in notbook with date. we told him that you need to save 100Rs. Last time we opened the bank he counted and we added more money (without his knowledge) to buy remote robot. He was happy and telling everyone that he saved. This way kids get to know money value, patience to buy new toy/thing and top of all habbit of saving.

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