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Show and tel competition


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Oct 31, 2015

Hi my son is now kg2 I am planning to give speech abt save water on show and tell competition which is gngnto held on February. ? Is that topic ok for him or need to change and also give some ideas.. He is repeating wat ia m staying at home but am just worrying he can tell at stage.. ?

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| Oct 31, 2015

thanks a lot. .wil help me more

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Swathi Rao

| Oct 31, 2015

Hi there its a very good concept N ask ur child to be confident N tell nothing is gonna happen if something goes wrong by mistake. This us especially to eliminate stage fear N building confidence in him. Make him practice in front of a mirror by eye contacting his image itself Gather a few people from ur family itself N ask him to perform in front of them. Take care of the basic things before performing like the dress,maintain a smile N ask him to take a deep breath before going on to the stage. Do not over practice him N ask him to stay calm N cool. Hope this helps.

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