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Feb 24, 2016

Hello everyone. My daughter is 5 years old and her nature is very shy. As a mother I know her she is very intelligent she knows everything but if anybody or even her class teacher will ask anything she wont tell in fact her name also because of shyness or if she answer that she will give so softly that another person could not hear it. So Please advice me what should I do.

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| Feb 25, 2016

Always talk with your daughter Give lots of time to play with others If she play with children her talking will increased

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| Feb 25, 2016

Thanks shikha

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Shikha Batra

| Feb 25, 2016

Hi Sana! I understand it is frustrating to see yr child like this. It is a social handicap. But we need to understand that this is not something child is doing intentionally . Shyness is part of her personality. The more u would try to pester her to open up or compare her with other children, the more she would show resistance thereby further retreating to her shell. Most of the Shy children have brilliant imagination and observation. I would advise you to focus on her strengths and praise her for those. This will help boost up her confidence. If u want to take her out to a friend's house or guests are coming over ,prepare her in advance, talk about people whom she will be meeting. Give her mock drills by taking roles. Same could be done with school, wherein she could become the teacher and you could pretend to be her. Sana boost her confidence with your love and appreciation. I am sure she would manage well in all situations. tkcare.

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