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Dec 05, 2013

Hello Freinds ,  I have 2 kids ..a son 5 and half .. and a daughter 4 and half .. I find it difficult to teach them together after school. how to manage this .

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| Dec 05, 2013

thanks a lot Shikha .. I will surely try to implement .

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 05, 2013

Hi Deepa! I can understand it is indeed difficult to teach both kids simultaneously as both needs equal attention. It is advisable please give instructions before u begin teaching them that while studying they should not talk and when Mumma is teaching one baby the other one should just watch n if any query he/she should wait for his or her turn. I know it is difficult but they will learn to follow instructions if u remain firm n praise on following these. U shd teach older one first n assign some work after teaching the concept .then u cud teach the younger one. N assign work to her like giving a practice sheet. U cud make them sit separately on separate study tables so that they do not bother each other . While giving instructions u shd go to each child n teach in low voice so tht the other one does not get distracted. Praise appreciation n firmness on following instructions would help them carry on this process of learning easier for years to come too. Hope this helps.

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