Sleeping position of an infant

Pragati Pandey

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Oct 15, 2015

Hi I want to know what should be the sleeping position of an infant. Is it sides or back? Acc to my paediatric infants should sleep on sides. Please guide

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Pragati pandey

| Oct 19, 2015

Thanks for your valuable suggestions

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Zanzanil Patel

| Oct 16, 2015

Hi nikita, Putting kids to sleep in stomach is absolute no no. When children vomit in sleep in this position their nose can get chocked with vomit or could even keep breathing the bacteria from the bed. Pragati, the correct position to sleep a baby is indeed on their back. This way even if they vomit the fluids will drop from over the ears but not get into it. Please read thru the article the http://m.kidshealth.org/parent/general/sleep/sids.html

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| Oct 15, 2015

Hi Pragati, your paediatrician is right. Children should be sleeping on their sides or on their tummy. Reason is that they tend to drool and throw up milk. If they are on their back, the regurgitated milk can go into the ears and cause infection. Also, sleeping on their tummy makes them feel cozier and securer rather than sleeping flat on their back. there are many advantages to sleeping on tummy or back: mental security for the child, physical security (from mosquito bites, or accidentally falling things) and with children who are very gassy, it helps relieve gas if they are on their tummy, children learn to crawl faster because they pick themselves up from the tummy down position. If the child is on his back, he will not be able to drag himself to reach somewhere). the only disadvantage of sleeping on the tummy is the child might regurgitate milk if there is not sufficient time gap as his stomach gets pressed. so ideally, put the child on his tummy only after burping him. hope this helps

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