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Solid food for my baby..

Sneha Patil

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Oct 26, 2015

My baby is one year , but she doesn't take solid food. Whatever is given to her she keeps it in mouth for some time n then through it away. Please suggest what can be done.

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Janhavi Gade

| Oct 31, 2015

My baby completed 5 months please suggest healthy solid food for her

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Swathi Rao

| Oct 29, 2015

Try giving her semi solid food first like cerelac,mashed veggies N fruits, khichidi.. slowly increase the consistency from semi solid to solid foods.

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zahbi Usmani

| Oct 29, 2015

Same here.. i read we shudnt feed dem forcibly or they tend to dislike d activity of having food.. try encouraging d lil one to eat wen ur family eats instead of putting d food in his mouth kp small peices of his food at random places where u r looking and he can reach out of curiosity. my lil one picks it up n eats at tyms ..remember d hygiene and post activity cleanup of course.. ;).. u can dodge dem to gulp down somw dood that way i believe.. i m so worried he is losing wt but d doc says he is doing fine

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Swagatika Priyadarshini

| Oct 26, 2015

Same with me.. My son is 1 yr old n m so much worried for this.

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