Solids for 7month old

Reshma Prateek

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Dec 21, 2015

How many times a day can i give solid food to my 7 month old baby? I am still breast feeding her. How do i manage feeding her both solids and breast milk?

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Reshma Prateek

| Dec 21, 2015

Thank u so much aabha

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| Dec 21, 2015

Hi Reshma.. my daughter is 8 and half months old nw.. I had started giving her solids three times a day frm the 7th mnth and started formula milk.. Depending on your baby's sleep timings, solids can be spread out as 8-10am then 12 - 2pm followed by 5-8pm. Basically I tried substituting her milk feeds by solid food in the afternoon (around our lunch time).. and she was doing great untill this month when she started crawling!she has solids properly but is hungry for milk within an hour and half or so.. My paed said not to worry as milk is going to be their main food till one year.. solids are just supplementary foods as of now. So even you can keep breastfeeding on demand.. even though you have introduced solids.

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