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Dec 15, 2015

My daughter is 13 month old suffering with stomach infection, please suggest what should i give her??

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| Dec 16, 2015

thank you all for replying, m giving enterogermina and she has diarrhoea too now she is recovering pls let me know what else can be given??

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Hephzibah Manasseh

| Dec 16, 2015

Hi dear me too have the same problem go easy on your little ones diet give your baby idly kichidi curd rice n no milk breast feed is good but no other milk do plz take your baby to your child doc ensure baby has enough fluids.

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Archita Jha

| Dec 15, 2015

First of all, start with 2 doses of enterogermina vials a day. Its a probiotic solution and helps a lot with stomach infection. Also keep on replacing the lost fluid but avoid milk but if you are Breast feeding her, then its okay, but no other milk.. Also do elaborate on the symptoms so that we can help you with suggestions

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Sangita. What is your baby experiencing? Is she vomiting, has diarrhoea? Please give her light food, avoid milk products and gassy food for a few days. If you tell us a little more on her symptoms, then more parents can suggest home remedies.

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