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Pavani Naga

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Dec 27, 2015

My son just entered into 4th month, may I gv. Him cerelac, orange juice?

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aanchal thacker kewlani

| Dec 31, 2015

I agree with bith of the fellow mothers breast fees ia the best but I have a little different view jus because m a working woman I will preferably start in 5th month the solid foods so that I can join my workplace after the end of 6 months and he gets used to breast feed twice or thrice n rest of the time very little quantity say 2 3 table spoon of dal water or paneer ya chena water crushed fruits can b started My kid is 2 months old now n is exclusively on breast feed .....

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Archita Jha

| Dec 30, 2015

I agree with Kriti. Wait till he is 6 months old before introducing him to solids. Before that, try and keep him exclusively on your feed. That's the most amazing part of a mother's milk. It provides the baby with everything including immunity for life. By 6 month, a baby is more equipped to take in solids and break down the complex food nutrition and develop a taste for it too.

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kriti sharma

| Dec 27, 2015

Hey... My pediatrician says to keep the baby exclusively on breast milk for first 6 months. This will increase his immunity for life. He will not fall sick very often as my breast milk will transfer all the antibodies I have. So its advisable to keep the baby on just breast milk for 6 months.

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