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Bhuvana Karthik

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Jan 12, 2016

My son is 6 months old and my pediatrician suggested to give Aavin milk (blue) as a supplement. Please advise if its good as my frens suggest to give formula rather than Aavin.

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Haritima Pandey

| Jan 15, 2016

Ya u should gv formula milk till 1yr. (if u want to gv top feed).. nestle nan pro is good or enfamil A+ is also good..

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Arpita macwan

| Jan 15, 2016

Hi I HV a baby boy 1 month old. He can not take my nipples for feed. I use silicone nipples. I put it on my nipples. then my baby can suck it. Pls give me suggestions to avoid silicon nipples for feed. So I can feed my baby throgh my breast. I HV another problem that can not produce enough breast milk. so i HV to give formula milk. pls suggest for enough producing breast milk.

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neha gupta

| Jan 12, 2016

Hi,kindly suggest.. I am mother if 24 days old baby.. currently I baby taking my Brest feed.. but after 3 months I have to join my office again so how'll I manage that time.. how I'll give him feed.. he is not taking bottle milk currently. Thanks Neha

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