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Swarna prashana ayurvedic immunisation effect


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Feb 03, 2016

Does any one given swarna prashana to your kids? Did u seen any effects on kids - positive or negative.

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| Feb 05, 2016

It is a time tested practice, now done by various Drs. I think in 2012, KN Govt AYUSH did a this swarna prashana camp too... Follow are two scientific I found with source... an evidence based study done various dr. http://swarnaprashana.org/evidence-based-observational-study-of-swarna-prashana-in-children/ Further to the study by the SDM college of Ayurveda and Hospital, Hassan Karnataka, 30 children between the age group of 3-8 participated in the pilot clinical study. They were administered 1 ml swarnaprashana once daily for thirty days before food on empty stomach. Symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections like cough, sleep disturbance, ronchi, tonsillitis, dyspnoea and pharyngitis were scored arbitrarily and noted before and after treatment. The infections reduced by 50-66% Sleep disturbance improved by 69.22% http://swarnaprashana.org/evidence-based-observational-study-of-swarna-prashana-in-children/

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Rinku Kumar

| Feb 03, 2016


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