Sweating on baby head


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Feb 11, 2016

My daughter is suddenly getting lots of sweat on his head even though she wears only half sweater and weather is also cold here. please suggest why she is getting so much sweating on her head. there is any reason for concern

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Suchita Singh

| Feb 12, 2016

babies do sweat on their head, specially backside while playing, feeding and sleeping too. that's because sweat gland in other part of body is not yet developed. Its normal and there is nothing to worry as long as there aren't any other symptoms like baby being cranky, shaking head or in pain.

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Preet Kaur

| Feb 12, 2016

Babies generally sweat while taking motherfeed because of warmth of mother's body. If other than that baby is sweating then check his/her clothes, remove 1 layer n observe..

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Sumi Singh

| Feb 11, 2016

I m also facing the same problem with my 3 month old daughter. She also sweats a lot at back side of her head. I also want to knw this!

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| Feb 11, 2016

Same here. My 3 month old sweats a lot on forehead even though its quite cold in delhi. Ive noticed that he mainly sweats during feeding. Will follow comments from other moms here. I also plan to check with the pead.

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