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Tantrums in sleep

Hitesh Gowda

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Sep 30, 2015

Dear all, i dont know if you have discussed this before. would like to know if any of you have faced the same & how you have dealt with it. I have a son 10years & twin daughters 2 years 5 months old. One of my twins, starts screaming(crying loudly) & throwing tantrums in her sleep (without waking up). She probably dreams & repeats the day activities in her dreams. she does not wake up, when we try to & keeps going on for some time. we some time have to wash her face to wake her up & sober down. She wakes up crying on most days, but throws tantrums only once in a while, which goes on upto 15 - 20mins. have not contacted a doctor on this. if any of you have dealt with this situation, please write in or suggest remedies. Thankyou. Hitesh Gowda P. A. Bangalore.

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Hitesh Gowda

| Oct 03, 2015

Thankyou Annie & Carol, will work around your suggestions.

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Annie Priya

| Sep 30, 2015

Hi Hitesh I too face this sometimes. But I normally hug my son , sing to him and make him feel I'm there near him. Slowly he falls to sleep.

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