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Apr 30, 2014

  Hi friends,   Can any one suggest me different ways in which toilet training can be given for 11 month old babies? As I would like to start this habit as early as possible...

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Ankita A Talwar

| May 02, 2014

Hi Vidya, make your child sit on a potty seat/trainer after every 1-and half- or 2 hours, especially after she wakes up after a nap. Give a gap of some time after a meal, and take her to the seat again. If you keep her without diapers, you will yourself figure out the frequency of her peeing and the time (after a nap/meal etc) and prempt the time and take her. this should help. But remember she will not learn bowel controls so early and accidents will happen.

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Parentune Support

| Apr 30, 2014

Hi Vidya! Here is a link to a similar parent talk that you may find relevant: http://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/toilet-training/764

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