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Rachna Ahuja

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Nov 27, 2015

Hey all, I am a mother of 26 dayz old baby boy, as I am Delhite, winters here become hard to handle sometimes, as it is my baby's first winter and he is too small, I want tips to secure and keep him warm during winters.

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Rachna Ahuja

| Nov 29, 2015

Thnk u so much Neha Jain.... ur comment is of great help.

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Neha Jain

| Nov 28, 2015

I am from delhi too. More or less first winters for my 9 months old too.. I follow the following routine: Ensure my baby is well covered. Get him wrapped in atleast one layer more than oneself. Cover ears and head with warm caps and ear plugs Ensure warm socks are in place. I have got enough stock on warm stocking (not branded, they are easily available and will surely get small soon ). I ensure he is wearing it under his trousers Otherwise I never used libero or pampers for him regularly, and he had a good habit of indicating that he wanted to pee or poop, but since winter's have approached I have got him to use Daipers so that he does not have chance of getting cold due to wet nappies Since mine has started with top feed, and semi solid foods, I give him top feed in kesar boiled water. Also I have started giving him sheera I give him steam while sleeping sometimes so that his skin does not get dry, and he could breathe in warm air, which prevents congestion. Since your kids are small, mothers milk, and mothers warmth would soothe them the most and protect them. Happy Winters and keep safe

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| Nov 27, 2015

Hey m too in the same situation . my baby is 23 days old n I stay in Delhi. need tips to keep my baby safe in the coming winters. 1 tip: while putting on heater in the room, always keep a bowl of water in the room. this will save the moisture in the air and will not lead to deficiency of oxygon thus saving baby of any kind if breathing unrest

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