Trauma of delivery

Ekta Gupta

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Dec 12, 2015

Hello I am 8 months pregnant. and as I am getting closer to due date I am very scared to face it.. i am not able to prepare myself and not able to make myself strong enough to undergo delivery process be it c-section or normal.. What do I do.. I am having sleepless nights because of this ..

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Ekta Gupta

| Jan 05, 2016

Thanks Mita and congratulations..

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Mita Uprit

| Dec 30, 2015

Hi ekta... M also a new mom my baby is a month old... I also had same kinda fear may be more than how much you have but believe me when the d day arrives we get extreme strength from within and this process is not that scary what we think. I had normal delivery but we can manage that pain nuthing to worry and if c section you will not going to have any pain... So in both the cases don't panic... Beautiful life is inside you... Enjoy.. All the best... Believe in gid

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Ekta Gupta

| Dec 14, 2015

Thank you gayatri I will surely follow ur Suggestions..

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gayatri chadwa

| Dec 14, 2015

Hi Ekta.. its normal to have these feelings.. Talk to someone close to you.. share things with your husband.. its your bundle of joy arriving.. prepare for it.. start searching for names if you havent already.. go out with friends it would help you ease some of the anxiety.. about the actual delivery talk to your doc as to what to expect.. start thinking about the birth plan etc .. as you begin planning it might make you better prepared.. This is a beautiful phase enjoy it to fullest!! all the best....

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