Travelling with Children

Travelling with a 2 month old

Sakshi Karira

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Jan 21, 2016

I have to air travel with my two month daughter. Can people suggest tips and their experiences.

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Pallavi Duvvuri

| Oct 13, 2016

Hii.... I recently travelled wid my 2 month old baby... just make sure ur baby is well covered nd protected frm cold weather.... cover ur baby properly.... avoid direct exposure to fan. As far as possible avoid pollution.

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Shrutie Kher

| Jan 21, 2016

I travelled with my baby when she was 40 days ... Just make sure baby sucks on the bottle while landing and taking off . Baby will be fine .. Cover baby well n keep a sanitizer handy ...

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Richa Haware

| Jan 21, 2016

My six month old son has taken 15 flights so far and enjoyed all of them. My advice would be 1. Pump milk and keep for usage during the flight 2. Feed the baby on take off and landing. If baby refuses BF, immediately keep a pacifier ready for his suckling 3. Keep saline spray ready, in case baby shows any sign of cold make sure you give him the Saline spray 4. Keep rattlers and other toys to distract him 5. Take a deep breath as you take off and enjoy your flight. If you worry, the child might panic too Don't worry about co passenger glares in case the baby cries.

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