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Varsha Somani

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Sep 13, 2015

Hw do i entertain my children in a 5 hr flight, my twins r 1. 5 yrs n elder son is4. 5

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 13, 2015

Hi Varsha Somani! If its possible Don't make them sleep prior to flight timings so that they could sleep during their journey. when I travel with my Lil one, I tell her you are not allowed to walk in the aisle otherwise Aunty will take you away. As,if they start walking once they would just not stop and it would be difficult to make them stay put. 1. U could take story books with colourful pictures along which they have never seen earlier. 2. U could take along their favorite dolls,stuff toys, bags with kits such as dress up kit etc . Which u have kept aside from long time or they haven't played with since quite some time now. 3. Pages to scribble and crayons to color. 4. Something to munch,like crackers,biscuits, fruits etc which u can ask for from flight attendant. 5. U could make them watch cartoons on TV or show them where they are through screen. 6.. U could show them clouds and talk about it or make an interesting story. 7. U could keep them well fed so that they don't cry or get cranky with hunger. 8. Since AC is on u could dress them in full sleeves or an extra layer which could be removed easily in case need be .9.have an extra pair or two for kids in case of any accident and one for yourself as well. 10. Since it might be their first flight and they are no used to stay put for such a long duration take yr hubby's help in taking charge of kids.. avoid scolding them as they might get anxious . don't be stressed out or u will be passing on yr anxieties to kids . I am sure u will have fun with yr family. Wish u a happy and safe journey.

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